Current Class Actions

Pipefitters Class Action

The firm represents a class of approximately 350 past and current African-American members of Pipefitters Local Union 597. The plaintiffs allege that Local 597 discriminated and continues to discriminate against its African-American members with respect to work hours, pensions, promotions, and other opportunities.

The name of the case is Porter, et al. v. Pipefitters Local Union 597, No. 12-cv-09844 (N.D.Ill.). It is pending in federal court in Chicago.

The case has been certified as a class action on behalf of all African-American members of Local 597 from November 2003 to the present. 

We are currently preparing for trial, which is scheduled for May 2019.

A Class Notice was mailed to all class members in March 2018. It explains what the case is about and describes the class members' legal rights and options. You may download and read the Class Notice by clicking the link below. 

You may also review the Complaint, the court's two opinions certifying the class, and the court's opinion on summary judgment by clicking the links below.

Pipefitters Class Notice (pdf)


Pipefitters Class Action Complaint (pdf)


Pipefitters Class Certification Order 1 (pdf)


Pipefitters Class Certification Order 2 (pdf)


Pipefitters Summary Judgment Ruling (pdf)


Illinois Department of Transportation Class Action

The firm represents a putative class of women who were barred from the position of Highway Maintainer at the Illinois Department of Transportation. The plaintiffs allege that they and other women were passed over for the job multiple times because of their sex, while less-qualified or unqualified men were hired instead.  

The name of the case is Sikic, et al. v. Illinois Department of Transportation, No. 17-cv-06041 (N.D.Ill.). It is pending in federal court in Chicago. 

You can read the Amended Complaint by clicking the link below.

IDOT Amended Complaint (pdf)


C. H. Robinson Class Action

The firm represents a putative class of Carrier Account Managers and related employees at C. H. Robinson. The plaintiff alleges that she and others were unlawfully denied overtime pay for the long hours they worked at C. H. Robinson. 

The name of the case is Dietrich v. C. H. Robinson, No 18-cv-04871 (N.D.Ill.). It is pending in federal court in Chicago.

You can read the Complaint by clicking the link below. 

C. H. Robinson Complaint (pdf)


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