An Advocate for Plaintiffs

An Advocate for PlaintiffsAn Advocate for PlaintiffsAn Advocate for Plaintiffs

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Clients Say ...

"Amazing" - "Jamie was amazing. During the time I worked with her she explained each step in the case and made sure I understood everything. She was great at responding to me and presented the pros and cons for my lawsuit and this allowed me to make educated and wise decisions. She was extremely knowledgable about the laws and processes throughout my case. She was able to negotiate a settlement I was comfortable with and I think she did a terrific job in representing me. I highly recommend her!"

"Unflappable" - "Jamie is an incredibly practical, thoughtful, non-nonsense lawyer. She is a great counselor and strategic thinker. And is unflappable. Given her line of business (employment law), being unflappable is really important! I have referred her to 3 other people already, she is an amazing asset."

"Experienced" - "From consultation, through the engagement to post-resolution, Jamie was prompt, professional, efficient and most critically, patient, candid and reassuring to me and handled opposing counsel with incredible courtesy .... Jamie is the dependable, smart and experienced person you want to have on your side if you ever need a lawyer .... To work with Jamie was to have a wonderful encounter that came out of an otherwise awful experience."

"Knowledgeable" - "Ms Franklin will approach your case with passion and pride. She has a great understanding of the system and will keep you informed of each step along the way. Her knowledge and composure comes with edge and conviction to do what's best for her clients."

"Professional" - "A colleague referred me to Jamie Franklin, and I could not possibly be happier with the results. She listened carefully to my story, followed up immediately, kept in touch frequently, and eventually delivered very satisfactory results. I appreciated how much attention she gave my case .... She was cordial and professional throughout. Couldn't recommend her more highly."

"One of a kind" - "I found Jamie after pursuing an exhaustive track record review of numerous employment attorneys in the Chicago area; after seeing her results I was convinced she was the right attorney for my case. She is one of a kind, a true plaintiff's attorney, someone who defends her clients' best interests fiercely, and is not afraid of going the extra-mile to get your day in court. I can not tell you how good it feels to have Jamie in my corner, I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation."

--Reviews from avvo.com.