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Our Practice


We are dedicated to representing plaintiffs in the workplace and the marketplace.

  • Employment discrimination: the firm represents plaintiffs who have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace because of their race, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • Retaliation for protected activity: the firm represents plaintiffs who have been retaliated against in the workplace for engaging in protected activity like reporting discrimination, assisting in the investigation of someone else's report of discrimination, or reporting other wrongdoing. 

  • Unequal pay: the firm represents women who were paid less than similarly-situated men because of their gender.

  • Class actions and multi-plaintiff litigation: the firm brings class actions and multi-plaintiff lawsuits on behalf of groups of individuals whose rights have been violated in the same manner.

  • Wage and hour law/Fair Labor Standards Act: the firm represents plaintiffs who were denied the wages they earned, including employees who were not paid the minimum wage, denied overtime payments, made to work off the clock, or misclassified as exempt employees or independent contractors.

  • Terminations and Other Employment Transitions - the firm represents highly-placed individuals who seek help transitioning from their current positions. Jamie has represented many doctors, law firm partners, and executives, helping them make a seamless change that protects their reputations and future opportunities.

  • Consumer law: the firm represents plaintiffs who were defrauded in the purchase of goods or services or in other financial transactions.

  • Qui tam (False Claims Act) and whistleblower litigation: the  firm represents relators on behalf of the government in cases in which companies make false claims for payment from the federal or state governments and/or retaliate against employees for reporting wrongdoing.

  • Oil and gas royalty litigation: the firm represents royalty owners seeking to enforce their rights against oil and gas producers.  

  •  Historic preservation law: the firm works to protect historic resources, including drafting historic preservation ordinances and defending legal challenges to ordinances or historic designations.